Rationale for Competent Compassion Checkups

What I really want to get across is that the concept of Competent Compassion is not a therapy in itself or a mode of treatment. It should actually underpin all that professionals do in health care interactions – regardless of the type of therapy or the place it is being done or the person who is carrying it out.

It is a foundation for quality treatment which could be relatively easily evaluated on an individual basis by self (the professional) rating, observer rating and service user rating scores and brief questions – which I have devised. I am calling these “Competent Compassion Checkups”.

The aim is to equip and improve rather than judge and condemn.

Imagine if professionals just did this once in a while in a routine clinic for example. The way I have phrased the questions helps to identify what improvements are needed – if any, and the rating scores can be used to show improvement (or not) over time. The checkups are quick and easy. Combining all three for a set of consultations could provide some very useful and quick feedback!

To access the draft forms just use the contact section of the site and enter your details. I will get back to you with the checkups and some further information – do give them a go and let me know how you get on!