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PORSCH (Prison and Offender Research in Social Care and Health Network) – Meeting 2017 – Seminar delivered on Competent Compassion.

Jubilee Plus National Conference 2017 – Seminar delivered on the response of the Church to the impending crisis in Community Substance Misuse services.

ISAAC – International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition – National Conference 2017 – Keynote talk on Competent Compassion.

Bosnia and Herzegovina National Recovery Conference – Sarajevo 2017 – Keynote talk on Recovery From a UK Clinicians’ Perspective.

SMMGP free webinar:

A free webinar on OST in Prisons with reference to Competent Compassion in the first section on overcoming cultural and organisational issues:


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SMMGP (Substance Misuse Management Good Practice)

RCGP Curriculum Statement on the Care of People who Misuse Drugs and Alcohol

Click to access 3_14_Drug_and_Alcohol_Misuse_May_2014.pdf_56885469.pdf

This is the statement I authored over the last year and it mentions competence and compassion in the “attitudinal features” section in particular. Overall, it outlines the competencies that GPs should have in this field.