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SMMGP (Substance Misuse Management Good Practice)

RCGP Curriculum Statement on the Care of People who Misuse Drugs and Alcohol

This is the statement I authored over the last year and it mentions competence and compassion in the “attitudinal features” section in particular. Overall, it outlines the competencies that GPs should have in this field.


Letter in the eBMJ 8 August 2008

Letter in the December 2014 issue of Drink and Drugs News

Letter in the eBMJ 9 January 2015 –

Letter in the eBMJ 17 February 2015 –

Article in the April 2015 issue of Drink and Drugs news –

Letter in the eBMJ 17 April 2015 –

An overview of Addiction from a Christian point of view May 2015 –

How substance misuse services work in the UK – and how to make them better

Letter published in the BMJ print edition about the bleak outlook for community drug and alcohol services:

BMJ 2017; 358 doi: (Published 29 September 2017)

Blog published by BMA:



PORSCH (Prison and Offender Research in Social Care and Health Network) – Meeting 2017 – Seminar delivered on Competent Compassion.

Jubilee Plus National Conference 2017 – Seminar delivered on the response of the Church to the impending crisis in Community Substance Misuse services.

ISAAC – International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition – National Conference 2017 – Keynote talk on Competent Compassion.

Bosnia and Herzegovina National Recovery Conference – Sarajevo 2017 – Keynote talk on Recovery From a UK Clinicians’ Perspective.

SMMGP free webinar:

A free webinar on OST in Prisons with reference to Competent Compassion in the first section on overcoming cultural and organisational issues:


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